Alternative Cancer Treatment therapies for faster recovery

Alternative Cancer Treatment therapies for faster recovery

Cancer is one disease that tends to take a toll on your mind, body and soul. It is totally understandable that all types of Cancer treatments can be harsh on your body as well as your mind. Having to deal with constant fatigue, general weakness, loss of taste sensation, hair loss, skin problems, vomiting, pain and a lot more is an inevitable byproduct of living with this disease.

Also, the effects of cancer and chemotherapy on your mental health are very serious. Cancer takes a toll on your emotional well-being. One has to constantly battle emotions like fear, anxiety and depression while undergoing treatment.

Alternative treatment therapies include a set of practices that do not comprise of the traditional Cancer treatment methods but if added to regular treatments can help your body and mind to cure them self better and faster, relatively.

Here are some alternative cancer treatment therapies for faster recovery:


Quit habits that are contributory to cancer.

For instance:

  • Smoking is directly linked to lung and mouth cancers.
  • Tobacco chewing causes so many different varieties of oral cancers
  • Areca nuts(supari), Gutka, Khaini all can cause oral carcinomas
  • Over-exposure to sun and not using sunscreens causes skin cancer
  • Alcohol can lead to cancers of digestive system.

The list can go on. So, it is very important to determine the risk factors and cutting them out for curing any kind of disease.


This includes reducing your exposure to environmental toxins and toxins from your diet. Some suggestions include:

  • Staying away from mobile and laptop radiation as much as possible
  • Not being around smokers
  • Avoiding Polluted outdoors
  • Spending some time soaking up fresh Oxygen in parks each morning
  • Using air purifiers at home
  • Staying away from chemical-based cleaning products and body products, as far as possible
  • Not consuming toxins like tea, coffee, soft drinks and artificial sweeteners etc.
  • Washing fruits and Veggies with Hydrogen peroxide or Potassium permanganate to remove all the insecticides and pesticides.


Maintain a work-life balance

Taking enough of rest and not stressing too much about your professional life is a must. Getting 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night allows your body to heal itself faster from all sorts of diseases including cancer.



Suffering from cancer can be stressful and you need self-relaxation techniques the most at this time no matter how useless they might seem to you at this point. When you are under any kind of stress, a hormone called Cortisol aka Stress hormone is released in your system. The result being: muscular tension, faster breathing and pounding heartbeat. All this leads to a lack of resources required by your body to heal itself.

Therefore, including simple practices like meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, positive visualization and yoga asanas can help you gain better control over your mind so that your body has enough resources to cure itself




Food is the fuel for life. Your diet affects your health in more ways than one. So, if you have survived on junk food for long, it is a good time to switch to healthier food options right now! Start having more of fruits, vegetables, detox waters, fruit and veggie juices, nuts and seeds in your diet. Hydrate yourself with plain water or Coconut water as much as possible to equip your body to ward away Cancer sooner.

Towards the end, we would say that alternative cancer treatment therapies for faster recovery are surely a wonderful add-on to your cancer treatment but they aren’t meant for replacing the standard options like chemotherapy and radiation.

Many hospitals and cancer-support centers offer alternative cancer treatment therapies. You can enroll for their classes for learning about the above methods in more detail and to practice them correctly.


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