Early Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer

Colon cancer occurs in large intestines. At times, it always involves rectum and in such cases, it is called as colorectal cancer. Most cases of colon cancer start as a small, benign lump of cells known as Adenomatous polyps. With passage of time, these polyps can turn cancerous. Read about early signs of colorectal cancer…


If you notice blood while passing stools in the toilet bowl or while wiping yourself with a toilet paper, be alert as this could be one of the early warning signs of colorectal cancer. The blood could be fresh or dark Red to Brownish in colour.There are several other conditions that could cause this. Some causes behind blood in stools could be: Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, ulcers and/or ulcerative colitis.

Bleeding from rectum in general and not just while passing stools should ring a bell because generally speaking, tumors that have started bleeding mean that they have grown aggressive enough for other symptoms to develop.

Annual or six monthly cancer screening is very important especially, if you have a positive family history.


Another one out of Early Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer is this one.Sometimes, all of us suffer from either constipation or loose motions. However, if you notice frequent irregularities in your bowel movements, this could indicate bowel cancer. A cancer developing in lower portion of the colon that is around rectum could present as frequent loose motions, prolonged constipation, fecal incontinence or any abnormal change in bowel habits.


This is one symptom that is very easy to ignore. Excessive fatigue is not unique to colon cancer, it just indicates that something is wrong with the body in general. However, if you are not feeling your usual self, please consult a doctor and go for a general health examination. Feel drained and tired chronically, even when you are eating and sleeping well is not a good sign. Such excess fatigue could be as a result of the cancer cells using up all your nutrients for their growth at the expense of healthy cells.

This fatigue is a result of cancer cells slowly eating away at healthy cells, plus the immune system’s efforts as it battles the cancer.


Anemia means a decrease in the Red Blood Cell count without any apparent reason. Anemia presents as certain secondary symptoms, like: excess fatigue, difficulty in breathing, pale looking skin. Anemia happens when there is a lack of Red blood cells in your body serve the primary purpose of carrying Oxygen in the body. So, anemia that happens without any obvious loss of blood or dietary changes is a sign of danger.


A tumor that grows big enough might lead to obstruction of the intestines. This makes it difficult for a person to pass stools. A person might feel abdominal pain, has to strain a lot. Sometimes, the stool even backs up in the intestine this gives a rather uncomfortable feeling of incompletely emptied bowel even after passing a motion. Each one of these is amongst Early Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer.

You might notice symptoms like:

  • Narrow and pencil-like stool
  • Distension of abdomen or bloating
  • Long-lasting abdominal

Additional symptoms that can occur in cases of colorectal cancer are:

  • Rapid and Unexplainable Weight Loss that happens without any diet or lifestyle changes is not a positive thing.
  • Pain in the rectum
  • Unexplained discomfort in rectum
  • Presence of a lump in the abdomen or rectum
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Frequently occuring urinary tract infections
  • Enlarged lymph nodes especially in abdominal area
  • Hepatitis and Jaundice
  • Retention of fluids in the abdomen
  • Pain in the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

These are some of the Early Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer.

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