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Brand name : LUCISUN 12.5
Manufacturer: Lucius pharma
Pack: Pack of 28 capsules
Key ingredient: Sunitinib

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Sunitinib LUCISUN 12.5 is an anti-cancer drug that provides targeted therapy. It helps in curing cancer by blocking the signals responsible for the growth of cancer cells in the body. This drug also inhibits the development of blood vessels in the cancer cells.


LUCISUN 12.5 is used for treating renal cell carcinomas, gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST) and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours

Common side effects of LUCISUN 12.5

Loose motions/constipation
Reduced blood cell counts leading to anemia, increased tendency to get infections, bleeding tendency in body
Loss of appetite
Altered taste sense
Stomatitis with ulcers
Dryness and itchiness of skin
Alopecia or thinning of hair
Fluid retention in body leading to swelling in different parts
Thyroid changes
Flu like symptoms
Myalgia and arthralgia
More serious side effects include Osteonecrosis and Tumour lysis syndrome

This is not a full list of all side effects that may occur with this drug.  Please seek medical advice from your doctor about if you experience serious side effects and they become overtly bothersome. Also, it is must to talk to your doctor if you see symptoms of easy bleeding tendencies, Jaundice, breathing problems, heart problems or infections developing in your body.

Drug allergies are quite common and might occur as a result of reaction to active ingredients as well as inactive ingredients. The most common side effects of allergies are: itching, rashes, hives, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, dizziness and loose motions.


  • You must always inform your doctor about your past and present drug allergies, other allergies and other drugs you are taking before taking LUCISUN 12.5 mg. Drug allergies to both active ingredients and inactive agents are common.
  • Before using LUCISUN 12.5 , inform your doctor or pharmacist regarding relevant medical history, especially that related to bleeding tendency, heart diseases, lung and liver ailments.


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