Lamivir HBV – Lamivudine 100mg Tabs

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Brand Name: Lamivir HBV
Strength: 100mg
Contents: Lamivudine 100 mg
Form: Tablets
Manufacturer : Cipla
Pricing: Price Per 10 tabs

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Lamivir HBV belongs to a category of Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor drugs. These drugs specifically work against works against Retroviruses. Lamivir HBV helps in improving quality of life and life span of HIV infected patients by reducing HIV viral loads in the patient’s body and improving the functioning of immune system by boosting the number CD4 fighter cells.


Cipla Lamivir HBV is helpful in controlling the progression of HIV and stops cases from getting worse to AIDS.
Another use is to treat viral Hepatitis B cases. However, it is not to be used in cases that are co-infected with HIV.

Side Effects

This is not a full list of all side effects that may occur with Cipla Lamivir. Please seek medical advice from your doctor about if you experience serious side effects and they become overtly bothersome. Also, it is must to talk to your doctor if you see symptoms of lactic acidosis, even mild ones. Do not ignore symptoms like: extreme muscular weakness, numbness, cold/clammy feeling of extremities., irregular heartbeat, heartburn, stomach ache etc. while you are taking this drug.

Drug allergies are quite common and might occur as a result of reaction to active ingredients as well as inactive ingredients.

Common side effects with this medication

● Upset stomach and loose motions
● Flu-like symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throat etc
● Liver associated problems


● You must always inform your doctor about your past and present drug allergies or other allergies before taking this medication. Before using Cipla Lamivir HBV medication, inform your doctor or pharmacist regarding relevant medical history, especially that related to bleeding tendency, heart diseases, lung and liver ailments.


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